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Are you ready to reach and grab your dreams?

We are AdvertPlan. Our work is to make sure you reach your goals. Nothing more.

It is our job to answer any questions you have at any given time.

It can be "What drinks I should drink before 

the appointment with "this" business?" to "My kids need

to be taken care of while I am on this/that important business trip. Could you please take care of this for me till I come back?" or "Hey, I am going to form a new business and I have absolutely no idea what to do and where to start from. I have "this" much budget. Could you please help me?" or "Hello, I hope your arm is better now. Here is the thing; I am going to give you some great news which is I proposed and I got the right answer! Now I have to lose weight with an impossible speed. Could you please arrange a fitness room or a trainer?"


Yes. Our job is working for your "job".  


We are in love with this business because it is our hobby. We love our hobby because it really makes us relaxed and we can go to bed "relaxed" without thinking if we will be able to sleep or not. Thats how much we like our business.


Our latest solution partner is İzzet Arpacı! He is one of the best interface and ad designers in the world!




We are proud to announce that Tedarik Zincir is one of our solution members. They are the best supply-chain technology provider in the world. Yes; we are serious.




Onur Topaloğlu is one of our family member and he is one of the best interface designers in the world. He even has an IRC script called Şovalye Script! We do not have to tell you that he is a solution member from the beginning.



If you would like to work with us; first of all you need to send a request mail to get a "Business Form". This form should be filled with your reflexes; not your mind or heart. This form is a very special form that If you tried to lie; we would see that.


In our business; we use Love instead of Fear element. Fear is something that we should be aware of but also avoid. In our business model; we always use Love and thats how we approach our clients.



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